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The War of the Worlds

Di (autore) H. G. Wells
Autore: H. G. Wells
ISBN: 9781614272151
Casa editrice: Martino Fine Books
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2012 Reprint of 1898 Edition. "The War of the Worlds" is a first-person narrative of an unnamed protagonist's adventures in London and the countryside southwest of London as Earth is invaded by Martians. Written in 1895-1897, it is one of the earliest stories that details a conflict between mankind and an alien race. The plot has been related to invasion literature of the time. The novel has been variously interpreted as a commentary on evolutionary theory, British imperialism, and on Victorian fears and prejudices. "The War of the Worlds" has been both popular (it has never gone out of print) and influential, spawning half a dozen feature films, radio dramas, various comic book adaptations, a television series, and sequels or parallel stories by other authors.

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Lingua English
Anno di pubblicazione 2011
Pagine 154