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The Shame of New York

The Inside Story of the Secret Crime Kingdom which reaches from City Hall to the farthest suburbs di (autore) Ed Reid presentazione di Sam Sloan
Autore: Ed Reid
ISBN: 9784871873284
Casa editrice: Ishi Press
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This is the inside story of the secret kingdom of crime hidden behind the stone and steel facade of the world's biggest city. This evil syndicate pursues its ruthless domination of New York's millions unimpeded by the fact that recent investigations have exposed. incarcerated or deported some of the highest members of its top brass. Here-for the first time-the heir to this sinister throne is revealed. Ed Reid. Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who focused the nation's attention on the police-bookie tie-up in New York, and whose last book, MAFIA, spot-lighted that still-glowing octopus of crime- names New York's new king of crime and his vast court. In accurate and sensational detail he exposes the how and where of that sordid alliance between crime and politics which holds New York, from City Hall to the farthest suburbs, in a grim vise - a vise which corrupts its public servants, cheats its taxpayers and cripples its civic life. A top member of the crime syndicate was murdered last winter for betraying just a few of the secrets revealed in THE SHAME OF NEW YORK.

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Lingua English
Anno di pubblicazione 2010
Pagine 248