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A Deputy, Her Love Affairs, A Brutal Murder di (autore) M. William Phelps
ISBN: 9781947290099
Casa editrice: SceneBooks Inc.
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When her missing boyfriend is found murdered, his body encased in cement inside a watering trough and dumped in a cattle field, a local sheriff’s deputy is arrested and charged with his murder. But as New York Times bestselling author and investigative journalist M. William Phelps digs in, the truth leads to questions about her guilt. 

In his first full-length, original true-crime book for WildBlue Press, Phelps delivers a hard-hitting, unique reading experience, immersing readers in the life of the first female deputy in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, who claims a sexual harassment suit she filed against the sheriff led to a murder charge. Is Tracy Fortson guilty or innocent? You read and decide.

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Lingua English
Anno di pubblicazione 2017
Pagine 350