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Oran and the Dragon Crystal

An Irish Fable di (autore) A.J. Clinton
Autore: A.J. Clinton
ISBN: 9781786233714
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A perilous quest across ancient, mystical Ireland. Follow the adventures of two very different individuals – Oran, an orphaned elf, and Dara, a humble farmer – allied by a series of unfortunate events, as they race against time to find an elusive Fire Dragon, and the egg that only she can provide – a dragon crystal. 

Along the way they form a strong bond, encountering strange and wondrous new beings, some surprises and, some dark secrets – some testing both their courage and Oran’s magical skills to their limits, others assisting them in their search to find the dragon and return, with her, to Oran’s home… before time runs out.

So… in a world kept secret until now… the magic begins.

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Lingua English
Anno di pubblicazione 2018
Pagine 348