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Juicing Recipes Book

150 Healthy Juicer Recipes to Unleash the Nutritional Power of Your Juicing Machine di (autore) Mendocino Press
Autore: Mendocino Press
ISBN: 9781623154035
Casa editrice: Callisto Media Inc.
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Get the Most Out of Your Juicer with Over 150 Juicy Recipes

High-energy juices, cleansing juices, weight loss juices, and more-the number of juicing recipes that boost your health are virtually endless. In one complete reference, The Juicer Recipes Book packs only the best vitamin-rich juicing recipes to get the maximum benefit of your juicer.

From Jet Lag Tonic to Metabolism Boosting Green Juice, these juicing recipes are organized according to their purpose, so you can get your body in top shape, lose weight, increase your energy, or detox your system. Plus, if you haven't bought your juicer yet, this book gives you the lowdown on the three main juicer types, so you can make the wisest choice for your specific health needs.

The Juicer Recipes Book includes:

  • A Kick-start Guide-Learn what type of juicer fits your lifestyle, which ingredients to keep on hand for your juicing recipes, and how to prep fruits and veggies.
  • 150 Juicing Recipes-Fill your glass with the healthiest recipes like Breakfast Mojito, Spicy Tomato, Citrus Energy, Complexion Helper, and Peach-Strawberry Nectar.
  • Quick-reference-Choose your juice to fill your needs with options for Brain-Nourishing Juices, Alkalizing Juices, Healthful Skin Juices, and more.

Unlock the full benefit of your juicer machine and feel the difference with The Juicer Recipes Book.

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Lingua English
Anno di pubblicazione 2014
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