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Coloring Trump

A Seek & Find Coloring Book for Adults di (autore) Jasmine Taylor
Autore: Jasmine Taylor
ISBN: 9781387031276
Casa editrice: Lulu Press
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Find the hidden Trump face If you enjoy searching for hidden images, ridiculous faces and doodle art... then you're in for a treat! This unique ""seek and find"" coloring book is filled with ridiculous expressions of president Donald Trump which will leave you pondering, perplexed and puzzled. Turn these creative images into one-of-a-kind works of art to share with friends and family.... or fill with scribbles, tear out and line your hamster cage! Includes - 37 Trump doodle art images for you to find and color - Answer sheet in the back if you get stuck - One sided printing with watermark on back for artists name and date - Perfect for left/right handed colorists/artists Treat Yourself It's time to treat yourself and take advantage of the many benefits that coloring can offer. It's time to blow off some steam and let loose. Just hit the buy button and start your doodle coloring journey now!

Dettagli prodotto
Lingua English
Anno di pubblicazione 2017
Pagine 92