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2019 NorthStar Notebooks - Life Guide

Horizontal Series - A5, Softcover, Black creato da NorthStar Notebooks
ISBN: 9781949755213
Casa editrice: NorthStar Notebooks
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NorthStar Notebooks takes a combination of highly efficient planners with the concepts of life journals and combines them into one package. Our result is the NorthStar Notebooks Life Guides. With life in mind, we have developed the NorthStar Notebooks line to be your guide when you need it the most. NorthStar Notebooks aims to make you the optimal version of yourself so you can truly influence the world around you. Through connection, awareness, insight, and purpose, NorthStar Notebooks will always be by your side on your journey to peace and success.

Dettagli prodotto
Lingua English
Anno di pubblicazione 2018
Collane 2019 Horizontal Series
Pagine 250